Top Reasons to Buy Body Butter in 2020

We’re mostly familiar with body lotion and its effectiveness on dry skin, but another all-star natural moisturizer that doesn’t get as much attention is the highly underrated kokum butter. This luxurious butter is solid and thick at room temperature, but it can be easily applied to the skin owing to its rich buttery consistency.

When you infuse kokum butter with nutrient-rich ingredients like coconut, jojoba, and sesame oils, the result is an effective moisturizer that promises to revitalize the skin. Introducing kokum butter to your beauty regime will not only replenish the skin’s moisture levels but also makes it radiant.

If your skin is really dry and your regular skin routine isn’t making a difference, try adding body butter to make your skin rejuvenated and more youthful. Body butter has a firming and smoothing effect on the skin while protecting and strengthening it.

Here are eight more reasons to love body butter.

1. Fights Premature Aging

Fighting skin damage is a tough battle because you have to counter the effects of skin degradation as well as prevent free radicals from attacking it. This is where body butter can play an important role. Kokum butter is known for its effectiveness in regenerating skin cells and preventing their degradation. This is especially true in the case of kokum butter because of its emollient properties that are absorbed into the skin.

Kokum butter penetrates deep into the layers of the dermis, unlike other skin products that are unable to bypass the dermis. The result is a potent skin product that provides instant relief to the skin, especially the lips, soles of the feet, and hands.

2. Is a Wonderful Moisturizer to Pack for a Vacation

Body butter is enriched with a number of fatty acids as well as citric acids that replenish moisture and protect the skin from sun damage. Make sure to take it along with you when heading out for a summer vacation. If you have sensitive skin, it might become dry or irritated easily due to sudden weather changes. If that’s the case, you should definitely use Kokum butter on your vacation!

4. Moisturizes the Skin

The body butter is known for its effectiveness when it comes to moisturizing dry skin for a non-greasy, soothing, and long-lasting effect. It is equipped with several antioxidants that make it extremely good for the skin. The best part is that your skin readily absorbs Kokum butter, making it even better since it leaves behind no stickiness, grease residue, or leftover film.

5. Nourishes the Skin with Vitamin E

Every day, your skin fights free radicals to keep premature aging at bay. This is where vitamin E comes in. Most types of body butter, especially Kokum butter, have high levels of vitamin E that curb premature aging.

This essential nutrient is a powerful antioxidant that not only benefits skin health but also helps the cells and immune system. As a result, Kokum butter helps reduce visible signs of aging by supporting collagen synthesis.

6. Makes the Skin Baby Soft

While you can use just about any moisturizer to soothe dry skin, only Kokum butter leaves your skin baby-soft. Have you noticed how bouncy and soft a baby’s skin is? It’s because of the ceramides that form a smooth layer on their skin.

Over time, your skin can lose its luster and youthful glow because of harsh skincare products, sun damage, and a poor lifestyle. The only surefire way to replenish its natural oils and youthfulness is through a gentle smear of kokum butter.

Plus, it also serves as a perfect moisturizer for acne-prone skin. It’s only ‘1’ on the comedogenic rating scale, making it the least pore-clogging ingredient! Kokum goes right into the pores, clearing bacteria out with amazing precision.

7. Gives Long-Lasting Results

Kokum body butter is a skin-loving moisturizer that will last you for a long time. Formulated with nourishing ingredients, it has a fairly long shelf life so you’re good to go for a few months. This also makes Kokum body butter super-affordable! Kokum body butter is one of the most stable types of body butter than can be used daily.

8. Enriched with Essential Oils and Natural Extracts

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have your favorite body butter enriched with lovely oils and natural extracts? Well, Simply Sue’s brings you some of the most amazing body butters that are infused with skin-nourishing oils like coconut oil, jojoba oil, and sesame oil.

These body butters are like a nourishing elixir for the skin as they instantly melt upon massaging and sufficiently moisturize your body. The hydrating oils and extracts also make these silky-smooth body butters extremely gentle for sensitive skin.

Kokum body butter is a luscious, gentle, and extremely nourishing moisturizer. The moment you apply it, it gracefully melts into your skin and soothes it. It’s a versatile, multi-purpose, and super-safe moisturizer for all skin types! If you want to experience even greater benefits for your skin, try Simply Sue’s collection of some of the best body butters – they are handmade with fresh ingredients!

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