How Facial Oils Can Help Balance Oily Skin

Facial oils have been making the rounds in skincare and for good reason. These oils are incredibly nourishing, and packed with anti-aging goodness, no matter what your skin type. Facial oils are a wonderful addition to your beauty routine. However, those who have oily skin may not particularly agree.

In all honesty, fighting oil with oil seems counter-intuitive. The primary reason behind acne is excess sebum that clogs skin pores and aggravates existing inflammation. For this reason, most acne treatments combine ingredients that are meant to dry out the skin and get rid of excess oil.

Things like salicylic acid, benzoic peroxide, and sulfur are drying agents that can successfully keep acne at bay. But there’s always a catch. In the attempt to get rid of acne, you will be impelled to use extremely harsh products on your skin for quite a while.

Over the years, these cleansers and scrubs can strip away precious oils that protect your skin barrier and retain its moisture. When this happens, your skin becomes extremely vulnerable to pollution and just about any skincare product you put on it.

Your skin produces oil to compensate for the drying products you have used for such a long time. Using facial oil might be a simple and effective way to replenish those lost oils and allow your skin to relax from over-producing sebum.

When you feed your skin the oil it desperately needs, it naturally holds back from producing more oil. With less sebum on the skin, the chances of acne are dramatically reduced. If you’re still not convinced, here are powerful ways these luscious oil blends can take care of your oily skin.

Finding the Right Facial Oil for Your Acne-prone Skin

The biggest issue with oils is that they are heavy and can potentially clog pores. But this doesn’t mean that you must shy away from them. Finding an oil that suits your skin isn’t rocket science. Here, we need to understand what a ‘comedogenic rating’ is.

It is a scale from 1-5 that determines how likely an ingredient, in this case, oil, can clog your pores. For example, coconut oil is a whopping 4 on the scale meaning that it is very likely to congest your skin and may even cause acne.

Oils that are towards the left end of the scale with a rating of 1 or 2 are usually safe for oily and acne-prone skin. These oils mostly have a fatty acid content, especially linoleic acid that oily skin needs. Here’s a list of some of the best non-comedogenic oils that are rich in linoleic acid to nourish oily skin!

1. Evening Primrose Oil

Evening primrose is a stellar oil for oily skin. It can dramatically reduce acne lesions, moisturize blemished skin, and help improve overall skin tone. Evening Primrose oil can smooth out your skin, improve its elasticity, and keep it firm all without clogging your pores.

The oil contains nearly 72% of linoleic acid, which is a crucial component that is lacking in oily, acne-prone skin. The oil readily delivers moisture and essential fatty acids to aid in repairing the damaged skin barrier and keep acne at bay.

The essential fatty acids in the oil protect the skin and act as an occlusive to lock in moisture and hydration. If you’re looking for an acne-free way to moisturize your skin, then you should give Evening Primrose oil a chance!

2. Raspberry Seed Oil

Raspberry seed oil is a newbie in skincare, but it’s worth all the hype. This delicious oil has potent anti-inflammatory properties that fight oxidative stress and give your skin a long-lasting glow. Furthermore, raspberry seed oil is rich in anti-oxidants.

It contains ellagic acid – a powerful antioxidant that promotes skin health and readily fights inflammation. If you have scars or dark spots from previous acne, you should try this oil. The presence of strong anti-oxidants can help rejuvenate your skin tone while balancing the oils.

Oh, and did we mention that raspberry seed oil is super-rich in vitamin E and A – two critical components for healthy skin?! Its natural vitamin A compounds help in skin regeneration and make way for lighter, smoother skin.

And, of course, vitamin E is a tough fighter against inflammation and helps boost collagen levels to make your skin look youthful and plump. Above all, the oil is non-comedogenic, making it super-safe for oily, acne-prone skin!

3. Pomegranate Oil

Pomegranate oil contains is loaded with vitamin C, which is exactly what your oily, acne-prone skin needs! The oil readily helps with UV damage including hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, and age spots. Enriched with crucial anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, the oil fights free radicals and helps keep pesky acne at bay.

Above all, it beautifully moisturizes oily skin without clogging the pores or feeling greasy. Lightweight and quick-absorbing, Pomegranate oil is worth giving a try!

4. Rosehip Seed Oil

Rosehip oil is a miraculous ingredient that can help your oily skin problems. Owing to the high amounts of vitamin A, the oil is a potent anti-ager that can help fade dark spots and restore a healthy glow to your dull, oily skin.

It can also help balance and hydrate your skin with its amazing fatty acids. The main reason it’s perfect for oily skin is that it's super-rich in linoleic acid. The oil has superior qualities that can help fight inflammation, restore moisture loss, and improve the suppleness of your skin.

A Luscious Oil Blend for Oily Skin

Check out Simply Sue’s wonderful oil blend that is handmade with the above-mentioned skin-nourishing oils! This magical bottle contains essential oils as well that will help rebalance your oily skin and give it a youthful, healthy glow! We can understand if you’re skeptical about facial oils, but considering the powerful fight they put up against bacteria and inflammation, they may be just what your oily skin needs.

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