Who We Are: Your Partners in Beauty.

Whether you have dry, sensitive skin, or simply want to rest assured knowing your skincare products are safe, gentle, and effective, you're in the right place.

If you're anything like me, you care deeply about what you put into your body, from living an active lifestyle and eating nutritious meals, to seeking out skincare products that balance sustainability, ultra-effective ingredients, and gentle care.

The problem?

Many skincare product labels include a confusing list of ingredients, like toxic additives and chemicals that are harmful to your skin, or fillers that do nothing for the skin.

Video of Sue Giralico from Simply Sue's in her booth display talking about products

Hi, I'm Susan Giralico, and I created Simply Sue's to address this exact challenge.

I have a scientific background in biotechnology and am equally as passionate about all-natural, gentle skincare as you are!

After a decade spent honing my expertise in laboratory and research settings, I decided to follow my true calling and create Simply Sue's to share gentle, effective skincare products that harness the unlimited power of nature.

  • Our natural skincare products balance spa-day luxury with at-home accessibility to nurture mature skin and slow down the signs of aging. We're all about helping women find time in their busy schedules to practice self-care rituals that give them a spa-fresh feeling (without the spa price tag).

    And who doesn't love getting treated to a spa day?

    A soothing atmosphere, highly-trained aesthetics therapists and super-quality products create a revitalizing experience that is essential to any self-care ritual.

    But the reality is that they come with a price tag, and a hefty one at that! For most women, treating themselves to a spa day every week (or even every month) is simply unattainable.

  • While searching for a way to bring the spa experience into my home, I began buying luxury products to create my own self-care rituals centered around renewal and relaxation.

    While this worked, it didn't resolve the key challenge; these products were still prohibitively expensive.

    I realized I could leverage my scientific background and passion for skincare to begin creating my own collection of products. Even better, I would know exactly what was going into them and why.

What they're saying...

Creating all-natural skincare handcrafted with love and backed by science is my absolute passion and mission, and nothing brings me more joy than hearing feedback like this:

“Actually had an acquaintance ask what vitamins I was taking to look so much younger these days.”

“This is the skin care I have looked for my entire life. Every day feels like I am treating myself and my skin, and I am absolutely blown away with the results.”

“I have found myself feeling the most comfortable in my skin that I ever have in my life. I'm amazed. Thank you Sue for giving me confidence I didn't imagine I would ever find.”

Head over here to read more customer reviews.

A little more about my background in science and what inspired me to create Simply Sue's...

I Immersed myself in decades of research and found that not only were toxic ingredients being used to extend the shelf-life of mass products, but empty ingredients were also used as fillers. These ingredients weren't harmful but did absolutely nothing for the skin.

Considering the price tag of premium skincare products, I was disappointed to discover that many brands were taking advantage of the fact that consumers couldn't understand their ingredients list! I'm a scientist, and I didn't even realize it!

After some trial and error (and a few more failures than I care to admit), I formulated the perfect combination of ingredients for a nourishing body butter inspired by Mother Nature herself.

I gave a few to family and friends and waited patiently for their feedback. When the results came in, I was just about doing cartwheels! Not only was it overwhelmingly positive, but they said is was even better and more long-lasting than the store-bought varieties.

With my confidence boosted, I was inspired to share Simply Sue's with the vision that everyone deserves to indulge in a spa day every day without the spa price tag.

By formulating nutrient-dense, ultra-luxurious products imbued with the healing properties of nature, my ultimate mission is to bring about a new approach to skincare. One where consumers can rest assured that every ingredient is necessary, effective, and gentle on the skin.

This conscious approach to Simply Sue's is reflected in my range of environmentally-friendly, all-natural products that celebrate Mother Nature and your skin. Each product is meticulously formulated with focus, accuracy, and genuine passion to deliver flawless results and gentle care.

Head to my online store to shop Simply Sue's range of ultra-effective body butters, creams, cleansers, and moisturizers that balance spa-day luxury with at-home accessibility to give your skin the long-lasting revitalization it deserves.

I envision Simply Sue's as the starting point of a thriving community of women who are passionate about honest, environmentally-friendly skincare.

I aspire to contribute to a transformative approach to skincare, where individuals are empowered with an understanding of each carefully-selected ingredient that makes it into their jar, tub, or bottle of Simply Sue's.

On an individual level, I see Simply Sue's helping women find time in their busy schedules to practice self-care rituals that give them a spa-fresh feeling (without the spa price tag).

As the brand grows, I look forward to expanding my online retail store to Spas and Boutiques, while retaining my small business ethos to uphold the superior quality and effective formulations that my loyal customers have come to know and love.

My Values


Simply Sue's was created as a response to the confusing labels, toxic ingredients, and fillers found in most mass-produced skincare ranges. I'm committed to remaining transparent with my customers, from our interactions to the ingredients listed on the labels.


Every customer is my favorite customer! I'm passionate about bringing a spa day feeling to at-home skincare, and that extends to a personalized experience and the above-and-beyond approach I take to customer service.


I refuse to use water and other fillers that make skincare products cheaper to produce. Each ingredient is carefully selected with intention, infusing my creams, oils, and butters with Mother Nature's natural goodness—nothing more.

  • Meet my hubby Mike.

    Without his support and encouragement, I would have never have made it this far. He's always by my side, struggling through the hardships, celebrating the successes. 

    My grandson Dominic usually makes an appearance too.