The best tips for your spring/summer beauty routine

Longer evenings, warmer temperatures, the uncovering of BBQs everywhere…this must mean summer is on the way, right? When the outside world blooms and the days get hotter and warmer, our spring/summer beauty routine changes alongside it. A new season brings a new way of looking after our skin. Just like your clothing, it’s time to put some cold-weather products away and embrace change in your beauty regimes. Read on to learn exactly what you should be switching up now the sun’s showing its beautiful face!

Control the increase in sebum

Many of us will notice that warmer temperatures outdoors cause our skin to produce more oil and sweat. This can cause more breakouts and shinier, less manageable skin. The best way to combat a higher sebum production is to use a product with ingredients specifically proven to help combat oil and clear pores. Salicylic acid, rose water, maple sugar extract, and orange extract are all great.

Try my facial serum containing a natural formula that controls oil and hydrates for the right kind of glowy summer skin.

Add products with antioxidants

More than any other season, summer has the capability for harmful UV rays that can damage our skin alongside other free radicals. This often results in dehydrated skin, blemishes, and pigmentation. To protect your skin and reduce damage, antioxidants such as vitamin C or E are essential. Vitamin C and E are especially great in summer because they reduce sun-induced pigmentation. Look for orange extract or the word ascorbic in your ingredients label!

Try my Facial Serum or my Botanical Body Cream. Both contain plenty of antioxidants to protect your face & body and help your skin thrive.

Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate

Not only do our faces need more exfoliation in summer, but our bodies do too! When we shed layers and pop on sundresses and shorts, we don’t particularly want our skin to look dry. A body scrub is an essential addition to any bathroom cabinet so you can get a full-body glow on and show off your skin with pride. Natural cane sugars are particularly excellent for exfoliating. Plus, if you’re aiming to fake a summer tan instead of sunbathing, you need a smooth hydrated base for the best results.

Try one of my Body Polish. They come in 9 different scents, although I love Sweet Orange or Coconut, particularly for summer!

Don’t forget to use SPF every day

You should be using SPF all year round (UV rays can get through clouds even in winter), but during summer it’s a critical product that ensures your skin is protected. Wherever possible, apply a mineral-based SPF 20 minutes before sun exposure and then reapply every couple of hours. The same goes for your face! Factor 50 is always a go-to – and contrary to popular belief, it won’t stop you from getting a golden tan or creating vitamin D. For your face, use a nickel-sized amount, and for your body, 2 tablespoons. Less is not more here!

Add hydration throughout your spring/summer beauty routine

I mean this in every form of the word. Drink more water, apply body lotion, butter, or cream, and hydrate your face with a serum or moisturizer. You may switch your facial moisturizer to something a little lighter in summer due to humidity, but it’s still an essential component of your skincare routine. For your face, look for hyaluronic acid, glycerine, or fatty acids. For your body look for shea butter, beeswax, or coconut oil.

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The bottom line

Keeping the same beauty routine just won’t cut it all year round. Just like you wouldn’t wear a thick woolly jumper in summer, your face and body need different products too. As the seasons change, our skin changes too. It’s more important that you can embrace these changes so your skin stays protected, nourished, and can truly look incredible each & every month of the year.

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