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 It's time to say goodbye to dry, flaky skin and hello to soft, supple skin with our natural Body Creams. Made without harsh ingredients like synthetic fragrances, Simply Sue's Botanical Body Creams are packed full of all the nutrients your skin craves and none of the toxins it doesn't.

Our silky, elegant body creams swap out water for Aloe Vera Juice to lock in moisture even for beauties with dry, sensitive skin. Pumped full of Fairtrade, Organic Nilotica Shea Butter from the East Coast of Africa for a creamier, lighter consistency to nourish parched skin faster for the ultimate hydration.


All-natural oils like Coconut and Rice Bran, work in harmony to soften the skin while injecting vitamins and fatty acids deep below the surface. Our Botanical Body Creams use a synergistic blend of Vitamin E and Rosemary and Oat Extracts to help the skin combat the environmental stressors our bodies face daily.


With a powerhouse of unstoppable skin-enhancing ingredients from the earth, you can kick irritated skin to the curb for good and embrace your best skin yet. Savor the natural aroma of Lavender, Coconut, Sweet Orange, Cucumber Mint, and more as you apply our luxuriously smooth body cream from your shoulders to the tips of your toes.