The Best Natural Skincare Ingredients Worthy Of An OSCAR

Just like the OSCARS or the BAFTAS, there’s a whole host of natural skin care ingredients out there making the performance of their lives, all competing to do the very best for your skin. But out of the competitors, which ingredients are genuinely award-worthy? What should you invest in? And why are these the best natural skincare ingredients? Time to tell all and hand out some awards!



Aloe vera juice is worthy of an award for so many reasons.


With a superb concoction of vitamins and minerals inside, It’s a key component in so many Simply Sue’s products. I could dedicate an entire blog post to aloe, but just know that aloe has so many benefits including these:

Acne reducing
Hyperpigmentation reducing
I use aloe vera juice in so many of my body products because it provides so many nutrients for your skin while still giving the fluidity needed to create gorgeous textures!

Award for the best natural exfoliator: Cane Sugars

Here’s a hard-working award winner! Cane sugar is an ideal natural exfoliant because it works gently to remove dead skin and enhance a healthy glow. Within cane sugar is glycolic acid, commonly used for facial exfoliation. Glycolic acid penetrates quicker and deeper than its competitors, stimulating collagen production to combat aging and heighten plumpness. Cane sugar is also a natural humectant, drawing moisture into the skin. These factors make it one of the best natural skincare ingredients around if you want a scrub that rolls out the red carpet!

If you want a body scrub that has 11 delicious fragrance choices and works gently yet effectively to give spa-style results, click here!

Award for the best natural moisturizer: Shea Nilotica Butter

Shea nilotica butter wins on the moisturizing front because not only is it the most luxury creamy form of shea butter, but it’s higher in beneficial properties than other forms too. It’s high in essential fatty acids, which maintain hydration and improve elasticity. There’s a high content of vitamins too, which supports skin healing. It’s also super absorbent. It’s 100% one of the best natural skincare ingredients out there if you want to moisturize your body.

Shea nilotica butter is in so many of Simply Sue’s natural products because of the luxury results! My Body Creams or Lotion Sticks are a great place to start.

Award for the best natural pain reliever: CBD oil



CBD oil provides natural pain relief from a multitude of conditions like arthritis, MS, Cancer, IBS, and fibromyalgia. It does this by working in conjunction with our endocannabinoid system, which is the system that helps regulate pain and inflammation. It’s important to note that CBD oil does not cause a high! And it’s a worthy award winner because it’s helped thousands of people to find relief from chronic and everyday forms of pain.

My Simply Chill Pain Relief Balm is a bestseller for this reason, and the reviews truly speak for themselves. You must have a look at this wonderful product!

Award for the best natural calming decongestant: Black Cumin Seed Oil

If you’re after a natural ingredient that’ll battle your blemishes and congestion, black cumin seed oil fits the bill! It’s a worthy award winner because it’s so multi-purposeful in supporting your skin through the different vitamins and minerals within. Here are a few of the best:

  • Vitamin A helps to banish breakouts, reduce scarring, and promotes natural hydration.
  • Niacin works to reduce redness, bumps, and irritation, as well as stimulating collagen production to reduce signs of aging.
  • Essential fatty acids create healthy skin cells that dissolve the fat deposits in pores that can cause the excess oil which produces blemishes, blackheads, and acne.
  • Folic acid combats harmful free radicals present in our environment and increases hydration by strengthening your skin’s barrier.

When I created my Blemish Spot Treatment, I made sure that black cumin seed oil was the star of the show!

What you need to know about the best natural skincare ingredients…

With a skin care industry that’s constantly expanding and growing, you deserve to use products that harness the power of ingredients that are superbly effective for your skin.

There are so many natural skincare ingredients out there, but I put time and effort into finding the best, most award-worthy natural ingredients for my skincare products.

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